I'm excited to offer you Motor 0.2, release candidate zero. Motor is my non-blocking driver for MongoDB and Tornado.

The changes from Motor 0.1 to 0.2 are epochal. They were motivated primarily by three events:

  • Motor wraps PyMongo, and PyMongo has improved substantially.
  • MongoDB 2.6 is nearly done, and Motor has added features to support it.
  • Tornado's support for coroutines and for non-blocking DNS has improved, and Motor 0.2 takes advantage of this.

Please read the changelog before upgrading. There are backwards-breaking API changes; you must update your code. I tried to make the instructions clear and the immediate effort small. A summary of the changes is in my post, "the road to 0.2".

Once you're done reading, upgrade:

pip install pymongo==2.7
pip install

The owner's manual is on ReadTheDocs. At the time of this writing, Motor 0.2's docs are in the "latest" branch:

...and Motor 0.1's docs are in "stable":

Enjoy! If you find a bug or want a feature, report it. If I don't hear of any bugs in the next week I'll make the release official.

In any case, tweet me if you're building something nifty with Motor. I want to hear from you.