I’m A. Jesse Jiryu Davis, a staff engineer at MongoDB in New York City.

Here’s my speaking schedule.


  • libbson and libmongoc, the MongoDB C Driver libraries.
  • Motor: A full-featured non-blocking MongoDB driver for Tornado.
  • PyMongo: I help maintain the standard MongoDB driver for Python.
  • GreenletProfiler: A performance profiler that groks greenlets and Gevent.




I do portraits, mainly of Lower East Siders, residents of transitional housing, and American Buddhists.


I’m a Zen student at the Village Zendo.


I got a BA in Computer Science from Oberlin College, I take photo classes at The International Center for Photography, and lived for a year at Zen Mountain Center.

Contact Me:

Unless you’re a recruiter.

Email jesse@emptysquare.net or jesse@mongodb.com.

@jessejiryudavis on Twitter, ajdavis on GitHub, emptysquare on Flickr.

I look like this: