In late 2010 I was photographing for The Lo-Down, the Lower East Side news site founded by my friends Traven Rice and Ed Litvak. Traven and I heard about a basement boxing gym run in the Vladeck Houses by a guy named Lou, so we went to meet him and did two photo sessions.

Shortly after, the gym was shut down and Lou stopped returning my calls. We had a great start to a photo project that could not be finished. Here's what I got:

Ajdavis 20101217 0010

Ajdavis 20101212 0003

Ajdavis 20101217 0002

Ajdavis 20101217 0007

Ajdavis 20101212 0004

Ajdavis 20101217 0009

Ajdavis 20101212 0007

Ajdavis 20101212 0008

Ajdavis 20101212 0001