Etching of a Gutenberg in medieval clothing, standing by the screw of a printing press, holding a page. The inscription on the page he’s holding reads: Et la lumière fut (And light was made).

Links to resources about writing about programming. This page supplements my talk "Write an Excellent Programming Blog" that I delivered at Open Source Bridge and PyCon.

Here's a screencast I recorded and captioned. If you're Deaf or hard of hearing this is the best version:

Image: Etching by Guillaume-Alphonse Cabasson, 1840. It depicts a sculpture of Johannes Gutenberg made by David D’Angers in 1839 and unveiled June 24, 1840. It can be seen in Strasbourg, where Gutenberg lived between 1434 and 1444. The French inscription, "Et la lumière fut," means "And there was light."