If your New Year’s resolution is to become an expert in Python coroutines, I have good news.

Back in July, the book “500 Lines or Less: Experienced Programmers Solve Interesting Problems” was published, including the chapter I co-wrote with Guido van Rossum. Our chapter explains async networking. We show how non-blocking sockets work and how Python 3’s coroutines improve asynchronous network programs. I’m very proud of the chapter, but it’s a steeper climb than I’d like.

Now, a top-notch teacher has made the climb much easier. Phillip Guo is an Assistant Professor of Cognitive Science at University of California. He’s broken the chapter into eight small sections, and he explains each one carefully in a video, either talking through our code examples or actually demonstrating them running and dissecting them in the code editor. It’s a fine piece of work and a great way to approach the material. Go watch it:

Python Asynchronous I/O Walkthrough

Image: Bethlehem Steel