Links to articles and papers I mention in my PyTennessee talk about the career path for older coders.

Video and transcript of my PyTennessee talk.

An article I wrote on this subject, aimed at a more general audience.

Old modem sounds and an explanation thereof.

Median age at Google and Amazon is 30.

Median age of American worker is 42.

Stack Overflow developer survey: three quarters of respondents were under 35.

Python developer survey: half of respondents are under 30.

A typical Hacker News discussion, “What happens to older developers?".

Quora: What happens to older (over 30) programmers?.

Mark Zuckerberg: “Young people are just smarter”.

ProPublica investigation: “Cutting Old Heads at IBM”.

Intel EEOC age discrimination investigation.

“STEM Careers and Technological Change,” David Deming and Kadeem Noray. Tech salaries peak in our early 40s.

Women leave tech due to lack of mentorship: Anita Borg Institute, National Center for Women in Technology.

Men are afraid to mentor women:, New York Times.

Individual efforts for diversity and inclusion in tech fell 50% in 2018.