I’m speaking Thursday night at a joint event for Chicago PyLadies and ChiPy. I’ll give you a sneak preview of my new PyCon talk, “Grok the GIL: Write Fast and Thread-Safe Python.” We’ll watch live demos, read ancient CPython source code, and learn a principle so pithy you can write it on the back of your hand.

Five other speakers will give short presentations that night:

  • Apurva Naik, “How a Study Group Can Help a ML Beginner Learn Deep Learning.” How she learns new skills while working a full-time job, using study buddies.
  • Loren Velasquez, “Trolling databases with Python!” Data validation with Python and Postgres.
  • Lorena Mesa, “Python Software Foundation Update + how you can be involved!” Elections, a PyCon organizers manual, and Code of Conduct news.
  • Sand Ip, “TDD with PyTest.” Demonstrating test-driven development with the popular and concise test framework.
  • Ancy Phillip, “Introduction to Project Magellan.” A sophisticated tool for matching related entities in multiple large data sets.

There will be food, Python, community, and excellent talks. Please join me.

PyLadies visits ChiPy April Monthly Meeting: RSVP

Image: 12th St. Bascule Bridge, Chicago, circa 1900