MongoDB 3.4 was released this morning; tonight I’ve released Motor 1.1 with support for the latest MongoDB features.

Motor 1.1 now depends on PyMongo 3.4 or later. (It’s an annoying coincidence that the latest MongoDB and PyMongo versions are the same number.)

With MongoDB 3.4 and the latest Motor, you can now configure unicode-aware string comparison using collations. See PyMongo’s examples for collation. Motor also supports the new Decimal128 BSON type. The new MongoDB version supports write concern with all commands that write, so drop_database, create_collection, create_indexes, and all the other commands that modify your data accept a writeConcern parameter.

The Max Staleness Spec I’ve labored the last few months to complete is now implemented in all drivers, including Motor 1.1.

Motor has improved support for logging server discovery and monitoring events. See PyMongo’s monitoring documentation for examples.

For a complete list of changes, see the Motor 1.1 changelog and the PyMongo 3.4 changelog. Post questions about Motor to the mongodb-user list on Google Groups. For confirmed issues or feature requests, open a case in Jira in the “MOTOR” project.

Or, just let me know on Twitter that you’re using Motor.