Two big updates to Motor, my non-blocking driver for MongoDB and Tornado.

First, my friend Musho Rodney Alan Greenblat made a logo. Motor may or may not be ready for prime time, but it looks ready.

Second, I implemented GridFS. GridFS is a spec for storing blobs of data in MongoDB of arbitrary size and contents; it was Motor's last missing feature. You can see the API documentation and example code for using GridFS with Motor.

I've been inspired by Christian Kvalheim's thorough, example-driven documentation for his MongoDB Node.js driver. I want Motor to be equally easy to pick up, with an obvious example for each basic task. I started with examples for GridFS, but I'll go back and apply the same principle to the rest of Motor's docs soon.

Besides the big updates there's also a small one: the time has finally come to factor out some irritatingly repetitive code in the mechanisms Motor uses to wrap PyMongo, so I rewrote them and trimmed off a hundred lines. The tests all pass, but there may be dragons lurking in the changes. Update with your eyes open.

As always, let me know how Motor's working for you: