As it was foretold, so has it come to pass. The omens all are satisfied, the prophecy fulfilled.

Last month I wrote about PyMongo renaming its main classes from Connection to MongoClient and from ReplicaSetConnection to MongoReplicaSetClient. For consistency, I promised to rename Motor's main classes, too: from MotorConnection to MotorClient and from MotorReplicaSetConnection to MotorReplicaSetClient. Now I've done so.


  1. Obviously, anywhere you refer to MotorConnection or MotorReplicaSetConnection, replace it with MotorClient or MotorReplicaSetClient.
  2. More subtly, if you use the sync_connection method, that's changed to sync_client.

I've updated this blog to run on the latest version of Motor, you can see the commit here.