A king, coloured drawing; he is standing, wearing a golden crown and a pink robe with gold embroidery of solid lines and the fleur-de-lys and cross; over his shoulder is a green cape with a blue and white lining bearing an heraldic theme; on his feet are diamond-pattened yellow pointed shoes; in his right hand he holds a scepter that leans against his shoulder to end next to his head, and his left hand is outstretched with the palm upwards. He is bearded and has flowing collar-length hair.

I know you want to speak at PyGotham in NYC this October 6 and 7. It’s an eclectic tech conference about Python, open source, policy, and culture. It’s easy to propose a talk, and I encourage you to propose a few of them.

Propose a talk for PyGotham 2017

Illustration from “The National and Domestic History of England”, 1878.