Black and white photograph of voters in 1930s-era British dress, standing lined up on one side of a wooden table, consulting with poll workers seated on the other side of the table and checking voter rolls.

We received 195 proposals for talks at PyGotham this year. Now we have to find the best 50 or so. For the first time, we’re asking the community to vote on their favorite talks. Voting will close August 7th; then I and my comrades on the Program Committee will make a final selection.

Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It

We need your help judging which proposals are the highest quality and the best fit for our community’s interests. For each talk we’ll ask you one question: “Would you like to see this talk at PyGotham?” Remember, PyGotham isn’t just about Python: it’s an eclectic conference about open source technology, policy, and culture.

You can give each talk one of:

  • +1 “I would definitely like to see this talk”
  •  0 “I have no preference on this talk”
  • -1 “I do not think this talk should be in PyGotham”

You can sign up for an account and begin voting at The site presents you with talks in random order, omitting the ones you have already voted on. For each talk, you will see this form:

image of +1/0/-1 voting form

Click “Save Vote” to make sure your vote is recorded. Once you do, a button appears to jump to the next proposal.

Our thanks to Ned Jackson Lovely, who made this possible by sharing the talk voting app “progcom” that was developed for the PyCon US committee.

So far, about 50 people have cast votes. We need to hear from you, too. Please help us shape this October’s PyGotham. Vote today!

Image: Voting in Brisbane, 1937