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This Thursday in NYC I'm talking about Python, MongoDB, and asynchronous web frameworks at a meetup called For the Love of Python: Wine tasting, Red velvet cupcakes, and Tech Talks. The talk is a work in progress. To be strictly accurate, I have not yet started working on the talk, because the code I'll be talking about is itself a work in progress. But come anyway, because I've been thinking a lot on this subject for the last few months, and I intend to present:

A high-level discussion of what an async web framework is and when you need it, or don't. I think there's a lot of sloppiness on this subject, and I want to work with the audience on tightening up our thinking.

A review of pymongo, pthreads, Tornado, asyncmongo, and gevent. You won't be disappointed.

For the first time ever, I will present an exclusive sneak-peak at my own experimental Python driver for MongoDB and Tornado, built on top of the official pymongo driver. It's pretty snazzy, it uses greenlets, and it's an example of a general pattern for asynchronizing synchronous database drivers that might inspire you to write your own database driver in Python. Buckle your seatbelts, we're going deep.