Crow, sea - by Mark Abercrombie

Today I released version 1.1.11 of libbson and libmongoc, the two libraries that constitute the MongoDB C Driver.

In libbson, my new team member Kyle Suarez improved the documentation with an example of streaming BSON over a socket, and added pages for the callback function types bson_reader_destroy_func_t and bson_reader_read_func_t.

In libmongoc, Jason Carey and Hannes Magnusson fixed an assortment of undetected network errors when sending messages to the server, and Jason plugged a memory leak when the driver parses a URI that contains an invalid option. Jose Sebastian Battig contributed a patch for an off-by-one error in mongoc_gridfs_file_seek with mode SEEK_END. GitHub user "rubicks" updated the libbson submodule's URL to use the recommended "https://" instead of "git://".

The documentation is here:


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the development of this release!

Image: Mark Abercrombie