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Our Python team released PyMongo 3.2 today. This time I wasn't involved at all; Bernie Hackett, Anna Herlihy, and Luke Lovett developed this version, with a contribution from Felix Yan.

Version 3.2 implements the new server features introduced in MongoDB 3.2. (It's a coincidence that the version numbers are the same.)

  • Support for ReadConcern.
  • WriteConcern is now applied to find_one_and_replace(), find_one_and_update(), and find_one_and_delete().
  • Support for the new bypassDocumentValidation option in write helpers.
  • Reading and write raw BSON with RawBSONDocument—this feature is very exciting, show us what you can do with it!
  • We now prefer the package "Monotime" to the outdated "monotonic" to provide a safe clock.

Some MongoClient properties, like client.is_mongos, will now block until a connection is established or raise ServerSelectionTimeoutError if no server is available.


Image: Wikipedia