I’m pleased to announce version 1.5.1 of libbson and libmongoc, the libraries constituting the MongoDB C Driver.


No change since 1.5.0; released to keep pace with libmongoc’s version.


This is a bugfix release:

  • Fix SEGFAULT with performance counters on NUMA (thanks to Jonathan Wang).
  • Prevent rare assertion error in mongoc_cluster_stream_for_server.
  • Improve error messages from auth failure.
  • Escape quotes when appending CFLAGS to handshake metadata.
  • Fix OpenSSL header lookups in non-default paths.
  • Fix build failure with LibreSSL.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
  • Hannes Magnusson
  • Jeroen Ooms
  • Jonathan Wang

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis