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I’m pleased to announce version 1.8.2 of libbson and libmongoc, the libraries constituting the MongoDB C Driver. Sadly, this is the final version that I worked on with Hannes Magnusson. He’s moved on to fight new bugs on new battlefields.


No change since 1.8.1; released to keep pace with libmongoc’s version.


This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Remove option to bundle the Snappy compression library, it caused issues for programs linking to libmongoc
  • Fix pkg-config and CMake config file flags for programs that statically link to libmongoc when libmongoc is statically linked to zLib
  • The configure flag “–with-zlib=no” was ignored
  • Crash in authentication when username is NULL


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

  • A. Jesse Jiryu Davis
  • Derick Rethans
  • Hannes Magnusson
  • Jeremy Mikola

A. Jesse Jiryu Davis

Image (c) A. Jesse Jiryu Davis