I made a mistake in libbson 1.9.1, so I’ve just released 1.9.2 of libbson and libmongoc.

libbson 1.9.2 completes reverting a changed macro definition that broke API compatibility. The revert in 1.9.1 did not completely fix the BC break. Thanks to Petr Písař for finding and fixing the mistake. See CDRIVER-2460 for details. It’s a comedy of errors.

libmongoc 1.9.2 has no changes since 1.9.1, I released it to keep pace with libbson’s version number.


As Jacob Kaplan-Moss said, I too am a mediocre programmer. But the great thing about mistakes in code is they’re easy to fix.

I like to accompany my blog posts about C with a sea-themed image, but on this occasion I will share a sea-themed video. It’s extraordinary 360-degree footage under the Arctic ice, from the New York Times. Please accept it by way of an apology from me for my clumsiness.

  — A. Jesse Jiryu Davis