Open source bridge 1

I'm so excited to tell you, my colleague Samantha Ritter and I were accepted to speak in Portland, Oregon this June.

Cat-herd's Crook: Enforcing Standards in 10 Programming Languages.

Samantha and I helped specify and test how MongoDB drivers behave in ten programming languages, and we persuaded dozens of open source programmers to implement these specifications the same. We created a test framework that verified compliance with YAML descriptions of how drivers should act, and we communicated updates to the specs by pushing changes to the YAML files.

We want to show you how we herded all the cats in the same direction.

How Do Python Coroutines Work?

I'll explain asyncio's new coroutine implementation in depth, including the mystical "yield from" statement. You'll know better than any of your peers how this amazing new programming model works. Plus, in a magical and entertaining feat of daring, I plan to live-code an asynchronous coroutine implementation before your very eyes!