MongoDB Logo

My company makes MongoDB. It's by far the most widely used NoSQL database and it's a very sexy chunk of open source software. But we've been hampered by our opaque company name: 10gen. Today 10gen is gone; we've renamed ourselves MongoDB, Inc.

It seems like a good day to invite you to come work with me. We have open positions for programmers, marketers, salespeople, and a few other specialties here in New York City, in Palo Alto, and around the globe.

Almost everything we make is open source. We give away the database itself, and the drivers in more than a dozen programming languages, and a bunch of tools and example applications. We make money from customer support contracts and our continuous-backup service. Being a programmer at an open-source company means I have few secrets and I come to work to share my ideas and my effort with the world. My daily motivation is generosity rather than competition. It's a beautiful feeling.

Another benefit of working here is personal freedom. Most days I'm hacking on PyMongo or MongoDB, but some days there's a blog post I want to write, sometimes I speak at conferences or meetups, some days I work with Guido van Rossum on a contribution to Python or with Ben Darnell on a Tornado feature. I participate in the free software world like I never have before.

If a gig like this sounds good to you, please look at our positions and apply through this link—I'll get a kickback and you'll get a fulfilling job. Maybe even a liberating one.